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Home-Built Tolman Alaskan Skiff

Begun: June 16, 2004

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Launch Spring / Summer 2006

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New pictures! - Relaunch at the Cathlamete Wooden Boat show July 22, 2007

Got the trailer


The trailer is a King KB-3700 and it is just barely long enough but looks like it should be fine with the weight. Since I ordered it new it was easy to upgrade to SS disk brakes and LED lights. When you walk around a trailer of this size it is one of those, "Wow, it sure is big!" moments.

Two things I liked about it were the torsion axle and the fact that it is possible to change out a spindle and/or hub-bearing set on the road if necessary. Spares will be carried.

Taking down the post that holds up the roof so the boat can be free.

Birthing the boat off the back porch and onto the trailer. It is obvious that it would not be possible to finish the cabin and roof on the porch.

Out she comes on a bunch of moving dollies

Sterndrive is on and paint done waiting for the cabin roof.

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