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Begun: June 16, 2004

The Beginning





Cruising Plans



Cuddy Cabin, Sides & Roof

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I put on the cabin and cuddy side-panels and decided to paint and varnish before the roof goes on the cuddy. Sand, fill, sand, primer, sand, primer, sand, Easypoxy, sand, Easypoxy, sand, Easypoxy... whew!

Looks nice now



Temporary beams

Two sheets of 3.5 mm ply but-joined, glassed on the bottom side and glued down to the cuddy sides. I used temporary screws #6 SS self-tapping to hold it in place, along with anti-freeze jugs.

Change of plans -- Before I put the foam on the cuddy roof I decided to put a layer of 3/8 foam on the perfectly good cabin and cuddy sides. The reason is that when a little thin wisp of Oregon sun came through the windows and landed on the outside of the cabin side it really heated up the plywood. Since the purpose of this boat will be camping in warm climates it seemed like we needed all the insulation we could get. Sooo... I added a layer of Dow BluCor fanfold insulation, 3/8" thick with silver on one side and another layer of thin 3mm ply. The only reasonable way to hold it to the side of the boat was to vacuum-bag it.

Vacuum-pump sucking the sides together, pump on the floor. The big black hose is my shop vac for the quick evacuation. Poly sheeting and duct tape were used but it didn't seal too well.

On the right is the new improved side. It just took a week to complete. I hope I don't get too many ideas like this or the thing will never get done.

Fitting the foam around the framework for the cuddy- side window. Above and below the foam are glued-down strips of cedar a little thicker than the foam to give the laminate edges strength.

After the sides, the roof of the cuddy was next. On the roof I used double strips of alder and double sheets of the foam. The plywood circle in the front is for a round hatch and the diagonals aft are for the windshield frames. In general I went by the book and made the cross pieces 12" apart. With the aluminum covered foam in place it looked neat. We're trying to decide if it looks more like the Monitor or the Merrimack.


Top layer of 1/4" plywood fitted, trimmed and sanded. Hatch and cabin window set-in. The notch at the aft of the cuddy roof is a 12" cutout over the door so it will be easier to get in and out of the cabin. Because of the constant curve on the top I did not have to vacuum the top. It was easier to use temporary screws to hold it down.

The left picture below is a detail of the edge of the cabin top with two layers of alder laminated for about 3/4" of insulation. On the right is the cutout for the cabin window that was on a curved and twisted side. Since the window was flat, I had to cut in the top left and the bottom right so that the other two corners would only stick out about a quarter inch.


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