Ray & Anne's

Home-Built Tolman Alaskan Skiff

Begun: June 16, 2004

The Beginning





Cruising Plans




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Enclosure for starboard tank, glassed and ready for paint


The artist with his palette of goo makes a web stringer into a thing of beauty.

Decided the boat needed a proper chain locker and the front few feet weren't in use.

This is the bottom of the locker and the white things in the corners are temporary wood pegs in the drain holes.

Above is how I figured out where to drill the drain holes. The two silver things on opposite sides of the plywood are very strong magnets that follow each other around. I was on the inside and Anne was outside the hull and as I moved the magnet on the inside to where I thught the hole should be, she could tell from the magnet on the outside of the hull if it was in a good place. The plan was to have the holes above the chine flats and tilted down and aft. I hope this will minimize the water coming in the bottom of the locker.

The bottom pan is gooed and glassed. Black carbon fiber tubes are glassed into the holes.

Bulkhead -- Now glassed-in with the waterproof (and more importantly smell proof) hatch in place.

I found a nice SS samsom post, and used ABS conduit for a hawse pipe. The pipe and a cap will have small cut-outs to let out the piece of chain and not let too much water in.

The galley is going to be simple, with a sink, ice box, and storage. The stove will be portable and the area behind the sink is a dry bin with the door shown propped up. The icebox will have no drain and will have a lid on top with a hinge in the middle allowing access the the front or rear. So far, there is not going to be an overboard sink-drain or large water tank, just 3-gallon containers for water and grey water under the sink.

The starboard side has a galley and a captain's seat on a box that slides forward to sit and steer or back, out of the way, so short captains can stand at the wheel. The counter top is 36" high and will be covered with tan Formica.


To port , there is a hanging locker aft and a seat box with storage under. The forward "Admiral's Command Chair" is on a box that slides aft to allow standing at the bulkhead or forward 1/2 way to sit facing forward. The box can also slide all the way forward to allow the seat to face aft at the imaginary table. Batteries sit in the footrests on both sides (yellow).

Lots of parts cut out, not much finished.

Yes Bruce, there is varnish - don't tell the others.


©2004 Ray Brown & Anne Thompson