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July 20-22 2007 Cathlamet, Wa. Wooden Boat Show

We finally got the boat presentable and painted for "Bald Eagle Days" a small town festival with a parade, street fair and fireworks on Saturday and a wooden boat show on Sunday.

Here is Anne answering questions about the boat --

"No, it is not a Devlin." - "Yes, it is plywood" - "No, we are not trying to sell them, you can make one too.

We had a hand-out with information about 3 types of Tolman Skiffs and Websites for Skiffkits, Fishyfish, Fiberglass Supply Progressive Epoxy, etc.

We met 5 people who already had the book!


Interior with port seat reversed for sitting at the dinette. Canvas cuddy-cabin "door" rolled up. Framing around cabin doors went on the week after the boat show. Galley sink barely shows on starboard side.

Starboard side facing aft. The lei was for owners to wear during the boat show.

See the difference between tinted side windows and clear front windshields. What looks like a second set of windows above the front windshield is just reflection from the overhead. Aft seat at the table is temporary, just foam and pillowcases above a type 4 throw cushion.

The Tolman was the first boat of about 12. We got hailed on theradio by the marina as "little yellow boat" but they gave us the best slip at the dock for the fireworks, so it was okay.

This trip took 2 hours by road not two days by sailboat.

Cockpit has wood trim made from a deck wood and is finished with tung oil. The floor has Interlux Brightsides with their Intergrip anti-skid powder mixed in. It was easy to use and has been easy to clean so far. The engine box is epoxy and 4oz glass with water-based Varathane Spar Urathane for UV protection. Most of the interior is epoxy without glass, sanded with 220 grit and covered with Varathane. Time will tell if it is a good plan.

On the trailer and looking balanced, but the tongue-weight was too much, 580 lbs. Later I moved the axle forward 12" and brought the tongue-weight down to 340 lbs.

Here is the back view with a canvas back door and the VHF antenna still up. The side windows and aft widows are 1/4" tinted Lexan and the front windshield panels are 1/4" clear tempered glass. Side windows slide on metal tracks and front and back windows are set in rubber "H" molding.

Skiffkits flapper valves worked well for our boat rides out from the marina, but we had closed-cell foam plugs as backup when there were four in the cockpit looking over the transom.

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